3 Ways to Practice Green Living After Construction Is Completed

Sustainability is an important part of the building process at Kisiel Ltd. In a previous post, we’ve outlined the top green practices that the construction industry can utilise during the build, renovate, or demolish phases. At Kisiel Ltd, we believe that sustainable materials, technology, and practices offer present and future benefits. By implementing green practices, like installing cool roofs or choosing natural paints, we’re providing an investment to both our clients and our environment.

Many clients ask us what happens after we’ve completed a project? In an effort to promote green living, we’ve outlined three ways for residents to remain active supporters of the environment. These tips will help guide residents to live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Practice Minimalism

A minimalistic lifestyle is one of the easiest ways to help reduce the waste on our planet. After your build is complete, take the time to enjoy your empty space. Notice its unique details; celebrate its architectural design. By showcasing the bones of a building, residents are able to reduce the amount of physical furnishings or decor. Ask yourself: What home furnishings do I use on a regular basis? Can I live without it?

If you already live in a furnished space, try testing out one room in your house. Remove clutter, clean well, and evaluate the flow of your large pieces. Individuals are often inspired by the refreshing new layout that they’ll continue the process in other rooms of their house. When simplifying a space in your home, you’ll create a calming retreat where you can relax and recharge.

2. Focus on Lighting

This is an easy fix that yields impressive results. We recommend that residents adopt a conscious effort to utilise natural lighting. During the daytime, homeowners should look for ways to harness the sun’s power. Try fully opening the blinds or the curtains instead of switching on a lamp. By reducing your energy usage, you’ll save money on your electricity bill. You’ll also help conserve the earth’s fossil fuels.

At night, when natural lighting is no longer an option, users should strive to buy energy efficient bulbs. On average, these bulbs offer dramatic savings to consumers by reducing the amount of energy emitted. In a traditional bulb, 90% of the light’s energy is released as heat. Not only is this a waste of money, it also leaks energy into our compromised atmosphere. Check out this tool to calculate the amount of money you’d save by switching over to more efficient options. Finally, it’s an important reminder to turn off the lights, day or night, when not using the space.

3. Consider Switching to Natural Cleaners and Soaps

At Kisiel Ltd, we are in the business of building elegant, sustainable projects. We also work hard to renovate spaces to their former glory. When cleaning new or old spaces, we like to employ natural detergents and cleansers that are both effective and safe for users and the environment. This chart illustrates common symptoms that chemical cleaners can cause. While the market offers a variety of effective, natural cleaners, consumers can also use common household ingredients, like diluted white vinegar. It is a powerful agent against bacteria, stains, and unwanted aromas.

Green living is an important part of the construction process before, during, and after the build. We hope that these helpful tips will encourage homeowners to reach for green practices when maintaining their spaces.