Promoting Sustainability: Carbon Action 2050

The construction industry plays a vital role in creating a more environmentally-friendly society and more sustainable planet. In order to create a more sustainable planet, it is important for the construction industry to build more sustainable buildings with more environmentally-friendly methods.

The Chartered Institute of Building has been an influential player within the construction industry, working to promote the science and practice of building and construction for the benefit of society. One of the CIOB’s current initiatives is Carbon Action 2050.

The Carbon Action 2050 is an initiative created to provide guidance to the built environment sector on how to cut carbon emissions by applying the best practice to project design, construction, maintenance, operation, retrofit, and waste management. The goal of Carbon Action 2050 is to help the Institute, its members, and the construction industry as a whole reduce carbon emissions from the built environment.

There are many challenges that lie ahead for the construction industry. Globally, the built environment accounts for around 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions and the construction industry uses about 32% of the world’s natural resources. In the UK alone, CO2 emissions relating to the built environment account for a total of 256 million tonnes. This is the single largest contributor to CO2 emissions.

Through the Climate Change Act, the UK is working to reduce CO2 emissions to 80% of their 1990 levels by the year 2050. There are currently five-year carbon budgets in place, which help the industry gradually decrease emissions of CO2 and reach their 2050 goal.

In order for the UK to reach these CO2 emissions goals, the construction industry will need to do more than build more new sustainable buildings. One of the greatest challenges the industry is retrofitting the existing building stock. There are currently around 26.7 million homes in the UK and 70% of them will still be standing in 2050. It is vital that effective tools and practices are put in place in order for the construction industry to prepare the existing building’s for the future.

The Chartered Institute of Building and the Carbon Action 2050 provides the industry with practical information that can be used to overcome these obstacles. This information is vital to the construction industry, which is constantly evolving, as it provides simple and practical steps that help everyone play their part.

It is important for people within the construction industry to be familiar with Carbon Action 2050 and stay up to date with its evolving resources. Carbon Action 2050 is more than just an initiative to comply with legislation. The action plan will help to improve efficiency. cut costs, and breed innovation within the construction industry.

You can view Carbon Action 2050’s expansive page of resources here.