Choosing The Right Natural Paint

Sustainable building products have seen remarkable improvements in the last decade. Historically, these products have prioritised safety over quality, in an effort to appeal to the environmentally-conscious market.

Thanks to recent developments in technology, green companies have improved the quality of their products to rival those used traditionally. This has been true for natural paints. While the demand for sustainable paints has not yet reached the mainstream levels, its popularity has seen tremendous growth over the last decade.

Why Are Traditional Paints Harmful?

Traditional paints contain a high level of VOC’s or volatile organic compounds. These carcinogenic chemicals have been linked to a host of environmental problems like indoor and outdoor air pollution. Further, those working around active VOC’s have an increased risk of cancer.

Proper disposal of paint is an additional source of concern. The EPA averages that 10% of all paint purchased is unused. The excess can either be processed at a hazardous waste facility, costing nearly €7 euros for every 5 liters disposed. The paint that is irresponsibly discarded can contaminate more than 250,000 gallons of drinking water underground.

Making the Switch

Companies looking to make the switch from traditional paint to a natural choice should decide which type of eco-friendly paint is best for their project. Low level VOC paints are available from most commercial companies. In recent years, these products have become very popular. While reduced VOC’s offer a great improvement, it’s important to check the formula list. Consumers should inquire about the ingredients, especially if the can is lacking a label.

For those looking for a completely natural choice, VOC-free paint is an excellent solution. Natural paints are:

  • 100% VOC free
  • Biodegradable
  • Made with minimally processed ingredients

Companies like, Nutshell Paints produce and sell paint that is chemical free and odourless. By relying on natural ingredients like clay, milk, and marble, the company offers a wide range of colors tinted by natural pigments.

Natural paint offers an effective solution for companies looking to decrease the amount of harmful chemicals used during their projects. Employees and clients will benefit from the decreased levels of air pollution and carcinogenic substances. Lukasz Kisiel of Kisiel Ltd continues to research new technology, like natural paint.

“I’m motivated by technology that is sustainable and practical,” Lukasz states. Kisiel Group continues to find purpose in green development. “It’s critical to our environment. And it is what a client deserves.”